Why get your child into golf?

I fell in love with the game of golf 37 years ago at the age of 5. I grew up in a small upstate New York town where there was little to do except go outside and play sports…such a novel idea today.

My Dad, Grandfather, all my Uncles, and believe it or not, for a sport not traditionally looked at as cool, many of my friends played. From the standpoint of what I personally wanted to do when I grew up, being involved in golf was always, for as long as I can remember, number one. But that was me, and my experience…I guess I was lucky being that I did not come from a rich family, that I got the opportunity to discover what I consider, above and beyond any other sport or activity, THE one, true life sport.

I don’t consider golf that just because you can play it forever, but because it helps mold young men and women into better people. For the younger kiddos, like those we work with in Little Linksters, the game offers so many, countless life lessons that can have a profound impact on their individual development.

It has always been a mystery to me why golf has not traditionally been introduced to kids earlier in their life or has not been seen as a form of therapy for those with cognitive and physical disabilities. Or, why it has not been used more as a transformational activity for economically challenged children that may be bound to the same four block radius for their entire life? Either way, that is what we do at Little Linksters and we are determined to enhance the lives of ALL children through this amazing, transforming sport.

I am asked by countless parents of youngsters on why I think golf is an appropriate choice for an activity to get their kiddies involved in. I tell them much of what I said above but recently, I stumbled upon the list below and wanted to share this with you all. This comes from the author “TC” and was originally posted on the Forest Greens Golf Club website (Triangle, Virginia) …. It really sums it all up on why kids should be involved in the greatest Life Sport there is…