What the Golf Industry is Saying…

Jack Nicklaus

Anika Sorenstam

“Brendon Elliott is one of the very best at “growing the game” of golf as his Little Linksters programs have introduced so many young golfers to the game.  In addition, he exposes Golf Academy of America college students to the long-term benefits of his programs for themselves and their golf community.”

“I’ve known Brendon for over a year now, he shares the same passion as I do, developing junior golf and increasing participation at grassroots level, I’ve never met a man more giving, more selfless and more engaging than Brendon, his contribution to junior golf and golf, in general, makes him a very valuable asset to the industry. Little Linksters sums this all up, it brings children to golf and families together”.

“Little Linksters takes the growth of the game to another level.  The love and care associated with this program toward our youth is second to none.”

“Brendon Elliott and Little Linksters are making a positive impact on the lives of the young people that the program serves, especially through the GOALS program which serves young people with disabilities.”

“Nobody is on fire for Player Development like Brendon Elliott.  He has a HUGE passion for bringing kids to the game.”

“Brendon Elliott is about two things: Growing the game of golf & and including everyone in the game of golf.”

“Brendon Elliott & Little Linksters are synonymous with; Growing the game of Golf!”

“I’ve enjoyed working with Brendon on numerous levels, outstanding PGA Professional and his work with Little Linksters is incredible and exciting.”

“Brendon has one of the biggest hearts for kids and golf that I know!”

“Brendon Elliott has an unequaled passion for bringing golf to the Pee Wee set. He has persevered to build Little Linksters into the leading source for young children to learn the game.”

“A golf professional can help shape the future of a young person. Brendon’s professionalism and the life examples he displays to his students and the golf industry are why I support him for the PGA National Youth Player Development Award.”

“Little Linksters and their “Tour” are just two of many ways Brendon has positively impacted countless junior golfers. Brendon’s accolades and accomplishments are many and we are very proud that the prestigious National Youth Player Development Award has been added to his résumé.”

“Brendon has been a guiding force in bringing golf to children at an early age. Through his dedication and commitment, many children not only learn the skills needed for a lifetime of enjoyment through golf, but they are also taught many valuable life lessons.”

“Little Linksters is the kind of program that can help us address the biggest challenge in golf today- how to grow the game by getting young people involved in our sport. Providing kids with the opportunity to learn, play and compete is essential to golf’s future, and Little Linksters is providing that entry-level program that is crucial in building enthusiasm for our game. I applaud their efforts”

“In many ways, Brendon is a Central Florida Junior Golf Evangelist, promoting not only his very successful and well-respected Little Linksters Program but the importance of junior golf in general. I applaud Brendon for his hard work in growing his Little Linksters Program, however, what makes Brendon the perfect nominee to receive this award is the fact that he is the “Junior Golf Guy” in Central Florida.”

“The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation is proud to support your initiatives of expanding the accessibility of youth golf through the sponsorship of your Little Linksters GOALS program. The Foundation was founded in part to support Special Needs Youth and Junior Golf, and your organization is playing a key role in unifying the game of golf for these special young athletes. Thank you for investing in the educational, social and athletic pursuits of these special kids and growing the game through inclusion and education.”