The original Little Linksters Golf Academy opened up at Metrowest Golf Club in August of 2011 and was founded by PGA Professional Brendon Elliott. The main focus of the Academy was to provide exceptional, quality golf instruction for all junior golfers, regardless of age or ability. The main area of focus however with the academy and what has also become the heart and soul of the program’s offered through our 501c3, The Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development, was to provide instruction for children ages 3-8 from all throughout Central Florida and beyond.

In addition to working with junior golfers, we wanted to grow the game by making families understand that golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, as a family. We looked to provide lessons not only to the youngest of golfers but to the family unit as a whole as well.

Our focus was junior golfers but we wanted to help mom or dad too!


Like many start up business, we struggled in our first year. We lost our vision at times during that critical first year and began teaching golfers of all ages in order to sustain the business. While it was very rewarding in helping adults with their game, it was not the core vision of Little Linksters. In late 2012 and into early 2013, the Academy went through a cleansing of sorts. In January of 2013, The Little Linksters Academy founder, Brendon Elliott took a job as a PGA Staff Professional instructor at the Golf Academy of America campus in Orlando. During this same time, a vision for a rebirth of the Academy, ran through Little Linksters, LLC was sought. Something that could get the Academy back to its roots and fall back in line with the same vision that the Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development, our 501c3, had. That vision being introducing the game to and working with children 3-8 years of age. In addition, wanting to grow the game by making families understand that golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, as a family.

In a concentrated effort, and bringing together many different components, we are proud to announce the NEW Little Linksters Golf Academy @ Wekiva Golf Club! The Re-Launch of the Academy will be August 2014. Not only will the mission of Little Linksters be renewed through this undertaking but the new venue will also give students of the Golf Academy of America the chance to learn about growing the game through the littlest of golfers. The students will have opportunities to work alongside a multiple award winning junior golf leader in PGA Professional, Brendon Elliott.


The Little Linksters Family


Meet our Instructors!

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Brendon R. Elliott, PGA– Founder & Owner of Little Linksters

Chad Ristow– Director of Instruction

Justin Snyder- Director of G.O.A.L.S. & Certified Coach

Jordan Lashoones– Certified Coach

Juan Felipe Raigoza- Certified Coach 

Morgan Kelley– Certified Coach

Phil Washington– Certified Coach

Alex H. Pollard– Certified Coach

Matt Matasy– Certified Coach

Nick Squillacioti– Certified Coach

Ernst Nitzsche– Certified Coach

Gunnar LeBeau– Certified Coach

James Cobb– Certified Coach

James Warner– Certified Coach

Billy Richford– Certified Coach

Jonathan Sady– Volunteer Assistant

Carson Ristow– Junior Volunteer Coach



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