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The NEW Little Linksters website is here!

While we are still making some tweaks and changes most notably to the Store page, Calendar Section and a few other areas, the bulk of the new site is alive and well! A huge THANKS to Golf Web Design for the great work that they provided on this project. Golf Web Design is the leader in golf course, golf professional and golf business web design, development and more. In fact, the new and exciting addition of mobile App development for golf courses and golf business is the latest and greatest in the offerings that Golf Web Design brings to the market. Check them out!

Please, send us your comments, remarks and even criticisms of the new Little Linksters website. We appreciate your input!

Hello again everyone! 

I wanted to pass along to all of you some of “Our Favorites” at Little Linksters, LLC. This list of “favorites” consists of golf products, companies and people that we have a great deal of respect for and are happy to work with closely as we steam forward in our mission of bringing the game of golf to “Pee Wee” Golfers everywhere. I will continue to do this “Some of our Favorite Thing’s” edition of our blog every so often in order to showcase the many, many awesome people and companies that we come in contact with here at Little Linksters, LLC. 

1) Golf Coach Direct


Cant wait to dive in fully with using Golf Coach Direct on a regular bases with “Pee Wee” Golfers nationwide! Gotta check this site out! 


2) Golf Web Design


Gotta give a shout out to our web design company, Golf Web Design. These guys are fantastic! Websites, Facebook Pages, Mobile Apps….they do it all! Did I mention that they do Apps? 


 If you are in the Golf Bizz and are thinking about a website upgrade you gotta check these guys out! Did I mention that they do mobile apps? 

Arrowood iPhone App Demo from Golf Web Design on Vimeo

3) The Chicken Stick

Bad Chicken, creators of the Chicken Stick, is proud to soon be working with Little Linksters to provide children a means to continue playing golf at home. By using the Chicken Stick golf club with the Nintendo Wii and Tiger Woods PGA Tour game students are able to continue to develop the skills they need to be successful on the golf course and on the course of life. 

The club is Weighted to feel like an actual golf club for a true golf experience with Golf Pride® grips and True Temper® shafts. It is fully compatible with Tiger Woods PGA Tour® on the Wii. Compatible with original and new Wii Remote. Requires external Wii MotionPlus attachment. 

Go to and use the coupon code ‘linksters’ for free shipping. 

The Chicken Stick by Bad Chicken


4) Orlando Social Golfer


Orlando Social Golfer is… 

Connecting people at their passion: Orlando Social Golfer is a recreational golf and networking organization inherent to the most golf friendly state in the U.S.A! Orlando Social Golfer (OSG) provides a high standard of service to its members and business partners alike, whether that includes hosting tournaments, golf events, hole sponsorships or forging strategic partnerships with other key players in the Golf and Social Networking industries. 

What OSG Stands For… 

OSG has created an unmatched casual and relaxed golf networking atmosphere where people enjoy themselves, recruit friends and colleagues, and create, build and maintain a strong community of golfers unlike any that Orlando, Florida or the U.S. has enjoyed before! Orlando Social Golfer, where Golf is Always Fun!

 Network. Play. Enjoy.



5) Joe Paulus- Golf Media Guru in the Making

Now I usually would not single out one of my own instructors at Little Linksters, LLC but in this case I must. Joe Paulus has the makings of being a big player in the area of Golf Media, and more specifically in video production for golf companies, instructors, golf courses and more. 

Joe is an instructor for us at Little Linksters as well as our new Media Liason.  

Joe is a current student at the Golf Academy of America studying Golf Business and Complex Operations Management and is also a graduate of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media, Communication, and Technology. Originally from Wisconsin, Joe spent the latter half of his life on the East Coast and has recently moved to Florida to pursue a career in Golf related television and/or media relations directly involving the golf industry.       

In addition to his role as a teacher with Little Linksters, Joe is also involved in creating materials to help promote our business such as commercials among other small productions. Joe is currently serving as our media liason in order to help us reach a bigger and more broad audience with several powerful media related tools.    

You can contact Joe at 

Below is an example of the latest video that Joe has produced for us.

Eye Line Golf New Products Video from Little Linksters, LLC on Vimeo.

Next week I’ll showcase some of our other favorites and continue to spread the love!

Hello Everyone!

We have been busy hitting the golf media scene the past few weeks and spreading the word on our mission at Little Linksters, LLC. Here is a sampling of our recent media blitz:

The Enlightened Golfer Radio Show (2/23/11)

Listen to internet radio with Enlightened Golfer on Blog Talk Radio


Speaking of Golf Radio Show (2/26/2011)

Interview with Melisa Elliott starts at the 1:06 mark…


Golf Talk Radio on ESPN (3/5/2011)

Article in Florida Golf Central Magazine (March 2011)

Shop the NEW Little Linksters Store on CafePress!

Long Sleeve Infant T-Shirt

I am very excited to let you know that Little Linksters, LLC is very pleased to announce the offering of online video lessons! Through a relationship with Golf Coach Direct, we are now able to bring online golf lessons to students throughout the country and world. Please watch the short videos below on how Golf Coach Direct works. If you are interested in booking a lesson with me or any of my Little Linksters staff instructors through Golf Coach Direct please send me a message on the contact us page. You can also check our availability for lessons on Golf Coach Direct or in the GCD widget below. Be sure to select me, “Brendon Elliott” as your coach or any of my other Little Linksters staff instructors including Joe Paulus.  

***Attention Parents***

Golf Coach Direct is children friendly for kids as young as 3 years old! You now can have a Little Linksters golf lesson online for just as little as $20 for 10 minutes.

Afternoon Everyone!

2011 is off to a great start for Little Linksters, LLC! Our inaugural “Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in America” Video Contest was a huge success. We admit we had a few bugs but all in all it was mission accomplished; show the country that “Pee Wee” Golfers can play some golf! We are still working at getting video of the winners presentation from the PGA Show up online but I can tell you, the nearly 100 people that gathered around the Littlest Golfer booth and watched both our Contest Compilation video and the presentation of the winners were amazed! Of course we here at Little Linksters, LLC knew what the kids were capable of all along!

The PGA Merchandise Show was a fantastic experience for our young company with many very positive things coming out of the week. We are even more determined then ever to push our national expansion plans forward in 2011. We hope to have programs in place throughout the country by years end. We WILL grow the game, one “Pee Wee” golfer (Age 8 & under) at a time!

PGA Professional & Little Linksters Founder, Brendon Elliott

One of the Greatest Golfers of All Time, Annika Sorenstam was on hand at our presentation

Former "Big Break" Contestant and PGA/LPGA Professional Kelly Sheehan talks about being a judge in our contest

I was very humbled and honored to be named a Top 50 Kids Teacher by US Kids Golf. Myself and the other Top 50 teachers were honored at the PGA Merchandise Show on the main Equipment Forum Stage. It was fantastic. My hat is off to US Kids Golf for all they do for kids that want to play our wonderful game.

US Kids Golf CEO Dan Van Horn honors the Top 50 Kids Teachers of 2010 at the PGA Merchandise Show

Little Linksters founder, Brendon Elliott awarded Top 50 Kids Teacher

Little Linksters Founder, Brendon Elliott with his daughter Lexie


Before I sign off, I just wanted to share once again our new Little Linksters PSA. We will continue to work hard at getting kids excited about the wonderful game we all love. Have a great weekend!


The winners of the “Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in America” speak about winning…

7-8 Year Old…Karah Sanford

5-6 Year Old…Amari Avery

3-4 Year Old…Jack Ryan Donovan


I know many of you are anxiously awaiting to find out the winners of the 1st “Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in America”

We had a fantastic turnout and reception at our winners presentation held this afternoon at the Littlest Golfer Inc. booth at the 2011 PGA Merchandise show. We will have pictures and video of the presentation up online ASAP. It may take a few days to get this all up online due to how very busy this week is for all of us in the Golf Industry.

I did want to announce our winners tonight however….

It was a very difficult process for the judges and myself to pick winners from such a fantastic group of entries.

In the 3-4 year old division….

Jack Ryan Donovan- 3 Years Old


In the 5-6 Year old division:

Amari Avery- Age 6

In the 7-8 Year old division:

Karah Sanford- Age 8

CONGRADULATIONS to all of the winners!!!

A big THANK YOU to all of our vendors, partners and judges!

A HUGE Thank you to Annika, Hank & Kelly for judging for us!

Annika & Kelly…Thanks for taking time out today to be on hand and take part in our winners presentation!

THANK YOU Littlest Golfer!! You guys are AWESOME!!

We will have pictures and video up very soon of the days events….Along with the acceptance video’s from our winners!!

Lastly, a huge thank you to ALL of the kids that entered! We will do it all again this December….Stay tuned!

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