The Little Linksters Tour

A twist on the junior golf tour experience is here...

Kids 3-8 now have the opportunity to have a Junior Golf “Tour” of their very own! The Little Linksters “Tour” or LLT launched back in July of 2011 at Orange County National Golf Club. Events were also played at the Faldo Institute in Orlando and Timaquan Golf Club in Lake Mary. In 2012 we grew to 9 events. In 2013, we look forward to getting more younger kids out on the golf course! The “Tour” will be played at some great Florida courses.

“Little Linksters Tour” events look something like this: 

Welcome (Register, Goodie Bags)
Competition (3-4 years- 3 holes; 5-6 years- 6 holes; 7-8 years- 9 holes)
Putting Contest




2014 Tour Event #3 Orange Lake

How To Register


Final 2014 Little Linksters Tour Schedule



*All events in 2013 will be sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic union of the U.S., Inc. All participants must have a current AAU membership.

*AAU membership is not included as part of the entry fee for our events. Cost of AAU membership is included in our new Club Little Linksters Memberships.

*Little Linksters as well as AAU membership must be obtained before golfers can compete in our events. Participants are encouraged to visit the following link to obtain their membership.


Tour Info!!

Extended Schedule:

14 Events


EVEN LOWER Reduced Rates for 2014 at Most locations!! 

  • 3-4 Year Old (3 Holers)- $20*
  • 5-6 Year Old (6 Holers)- $25*
  • 7-8 Year Old (9 Holers)- $30*
  • 9-10 Year Old (9 Holers)- $30*

*Rates may change slightly at premier locations; Little Linksters yearly membership of $56.99 required


Age Group Divisions:

  • 3-4 Year Old (Beginner)- 3 Holes
  • 5-6 Year Old (Beginner)- 6 Holes
  • 5-6 Year Old (Competitive)- 6 Holes
  • 7-8 Year Old (Beginner)- 9 Holes
  • 7-8 Year Old (Competitive)- 9 Holes
  • 9-10 Year Old (Beginner)- 9 Holes
  • 9-10 Year Old (Competitive)- 9 Holes


NEW Age Rules:

The age your child is at the start of the season (Jan. 26th, 2014) is the age group they stay in for the year. However, you will have the option to move you child up an age division upon a birthday that warrants so. Points gained in a previous age group, stays in that age group. Points will not be “carried over” into a new age division.


Yearly Points Race:

Both the Beginner & Competitive Divisions will be eligible to compete in two separate, yearlong points races!

The Top Point Leader in each age group (Both Beginner & Competitive Divisions) can win:

  • A Beautiful Trophy (Trophy will be shipped after years final event so that names of winners can be put on award)
  • Completely Paid Entries for 2015 Events!!


Individuals can earn a FREE entry for the immediate next event on the schedule by winning their respective age division. These exemptions can not be carried over to an event later in the season.


Points are gained for:

  • Number of events played
  • Sportsmanship
  • Score

Other year long awards include:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Most Improved
  • Caddie of the Year
  • Mini Golf Competition Low Average Score


Other Notes of Interest:

  • New “Linksters” friendly yardages
  • Bigger Holes brought to us by Kwik Golf for 3-4 year old division
  • All Golfer earn medals for taking part at each event
  • More to come….



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